las cuevas viven "The cave dwelling is an age-old way of life of inestimable cultural, social, anthropological and historical value. It is laid out according to a type of vernacular architecture and knowledge handed down from generation to generation. Fully adapted to its environment, it represents one of the most ecologically sustainable types of habitat."
Extract from the manifesto "Las cuevas viven, las cuevas se quedan", translation, May 2019.

In the mountains surrounding the city of Granada, Spain, several thousand people live in those cave dwellings, the so-called cuevas. For centuries, they have existed and persisted close to the city but completely marginal to it.
The population of the cuevas is marked by its heterogeneity: initially occupied by gypsies and poor workers, they nowadays cohabit with artists, migrants, families, travellers, young and old.

Living in such conditions, whether it is the result of an ideological choice, a political commitment or a necessity due to a lack of other resources, requires adaptation and creativity on a daily basis, to deal with nature and otherness.
Inhabiting the land requires a more intimate connection with one's environment.

This photographic work bears witness to the radical choice of these ways of life, their continuous reinvention and their defence
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